K-pop Workout Playlist (2016)

There’s nothing quite like working out to K-pop. It’s upbeat, catchy and just makes you want to move! I honestly don’t think I’d be able to run without it, so I thought I’d share some of my favorites on my current playlist with you all. Enjoy  🙂


No matter how much the rest of the workout playlist might change, “DOPE” is always the go to starter choice and perfect for a warm up jog.


“HERO” was the first MONSTA X song I ever listened to and I’ve never looked back. This hip-hop/ dance track pulls you in straight away, so when I hear that beat again it’s guaranteed to get me moving.

3. INFINITE – The Eye

This one might start off kinda “ballad-y” with sweet vocals, but don’t be fooled, it’s not long before the beat and dramatic violins kick in (yep, dramatic violins).

4. f(x) – Electric Shock

With it’s mix of neon New-rave vibes and Bubblegum-pop vocals, “Electric Shock” is an awesome, energetic, EDM track perfect for running to.

5. BTS – Danger

Oh hey again Bangtan. The way this song builds just before the chorus is like having a mini reset button which picks me up again if I’ve started to lag.

6. BTS – RUN

This had to be one the list! But, namesake aside, it’s a great song with a steady, moderate tempo to help keep me keep up the pace.

7. BLACKPINK – Boombayah

Every time Boombayah comes on I want to get up and dance, it’s a feel-good party-anthem that wouldn’t go amiss at a club. This is one I turn up and just enjoy!

8. MONSTA X -Fighter

Everything about this song screams “please put my in your workout playlist“, from the  motivational 80s power-vibe to the inspired lyrics spurring you on.

9. 4MINUTE – Crazy

This song oozes attitude and energy. It’s a perfect track for venting any frustrations into my workout and giving it one last epic push.

10. EXO – Dancing King

This has got to be my all time favorite song to end a work out on. It’s upbeat, catchy and I can’t help but smile when I hear it. It definitely helps me have a sense of accomplishment as I warm down.

What songs would make your list? 🙂